2022 Parents Workshops


We hold regular evening workshops from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. for all parents, whether they are from the school or not.

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2 types of parent workshops (detailed description below):

  • Fundamentals workshops: as a first step, we recommend taking this workshop on the fundamentals, or a day of introduction to Ethical Leadership. This is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with our pedagogy, the essential references and keys.
  • Thematic workshops for real-life situations


Our workshops address different themes with the objective of developing the most fulfilling parent-child relationship possible. Our workshops are based on the principle that our quality of being as parents has an impact on our children and that our children are often mirrors of our own problems. 

Therefore we choose to work on the level of self-knowledge to develop a positive and constructive quality of being, first for ourselves, then for our children.


Registration: directly online below or by email at administration@livingschool.fr


1. Workshop on FUNDAMENTALS  : 

This workshop in two modules of 2 x 2 hours is open to all parents from the school or not.

This workshop combines theoretical contributions and practical exercises. Our approach works on the " savoir-être " by a rigorous and logical approach. It allows :

  • to be more aware of the impact of one's own behaviour on one's child
  • to develop positive and constructive communication
  • to have a better knowledge of oneself and one's child
  • to become aware of one's own potential and that of one's child
  • to have greater self-confidence and assertiveness
  • and overall to live one's role as a parent with more joy


The following questions will be addressed, among others

  • How is the self-image built and how can I strengthen my child's self-confidence?
  • How can I stay "centered" with my child, even in times of crisis?
  • How can I harmoniously develop my child's potential on all levels (physical, emotional, intellectual and creative)?


This workshop gives you access to the thematic workshops listed below.

The workshop takes place in 2 modules of 2 hours (participants must commit to both dates).

Fee: 100 €.

Next sessions: Thursday April 14, 2022 from 7pm to 9pm. 1st part in Replay.

Registration: directly online above or by email at administration@livingschool.fr



2. Thematic workshops 

Open to all parents from the school or not.

Our thematic workshops allow for a real application of the guidelines discovered previously, as they consist mainly of real-life situations.

Participants who wish to do so share concrete difficulties with their child (bedtime, meals, leaving in the morning, managing moments of crisis or frustration...). The role-playing allows for the resolution of the situation. The group actively participates in the resolution.

Duration: 2 hours, from 7pm to 9pm

Price: 50€ / workshop. We propose a couple rate of 90€ (If you do the workshop in two modules on the fundamentals and a thematic workshop, we propose a preferential rate of 120€ instead of 150€).

Location: Living School, 6 rue Georges Auric, Paris 19ème or webinar depending on the workshop.

Registration: directly online above or by email at administration@livingschool.fr


Autonomy and Responsibility

How to make daily life with your child more fluid? What rituals should be put in place to facilitate getting up, washing, dressing, eating, brushing teeth and going to bed? What rules of life should be implemented at home according to the age of the child? How to design an effective life rules panel? What consequences should be applied when rules are broken? What is the difference between consequences and punishment? How can we make our children more autonomous? How can we teach them to do things on their own? At what age can we give responsibilities to our children? What responsibilities according to age? A very concrete and practical workshop that gives a lot of keys and tracks to simplify the daily life with the children and allow them from the youngest age to contribute to the family life.

Next session in 2022-2023


Quest for meaning

To reconcile the quest for meaning with a professional project. Many of us want to find fulfillment in our work, to look for more meaning in our professional environment. This is an opportunity to step back and calmly consider how to take action with the benchmarks of Ethical Leadership. A moment to get inspired and see concretely how to take action.

Date to come


Vitality (Special workshop led by Dr. Véronique Chabernaud)

What has been impacting our vitality so much over the past year? A sedentary lifestyle, dietary problems, mental overload, hyper-connectivity, stress, the intertwining of personal and professional spaces, sleep disorders, a winter energy slump... Parents are not in good shape, children also suffer from this period and the family climate is affected. Listen to your needs. (Re)discover how to take care of your physical, emotional, intellectual and creative vitality, simple solutions to implement in your daily life and for the whole family.

Next session in 2022-2023



How to remain available and open in the most tense moments with our child? How to be assertive rather than reactive? How to accompany our child in his moments of frustration so that he can refocus?

Monday May 9, 2022 from 7pm to 9pm online.



How to assert oneself in a fair and benevolent way (without spanking or hitting)? How to give reference points that structure and develop the child?

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 from 7pm to 9pm



How to develop your own self-confidence and that of your child? How to accompany him so that he can fully develop his potential?

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm



How to deal with disputes and jealousy in siblings? How to be fair and meet the real needs of each one? How to avoid comparison and allow each one to feel unique and loved? How to accompany children to make them move from rivalry to cooperation? How can we empower them to find their own solutions? A time will be dedicated to role-playing based on the participants' experiences with the objective of finding solutions.

Theoretical contributions and role-playing to position oneself in a fair way and bring peace in the siblings.

Next session in 2022-2023


Constructive and positive games

It is not easy to educate children to non-violence and cooperation when the world around them promotes violence and competition through images, media, imagination, games... How can we encourage positive and constructive games with children in this context? How to move from war and opposition games to cooperative and positive games? How to approach the issue with children without moralizing or cutting them off from the world? How to allow them to manage the social pressure of friends who play war games or violent video games?

A workshop that proposes concrete game tracks, scenarios and a way to approach the subject with children.

Next session in 2022-2023


MealtimeA great moment! 

Mealtime can be a real headache, both in terms of preparing the contents of the plate and in terms of what is going on around it. Some children get up from the table all the time, others have an appetite like a bird, which worries parents, others take a long time to eat... How can you prepare a meal that is a source of vitality and enthusiasm for your children? How to manage mealtime so that it is qualitative for your child and for you? Is our child eating enough? A practical workshop led by a doctor specializing in vitality and a parenting coach to find pleasure in the plate and serenity at mealtime.

Monday April 11, 2022 from 7pm to 9pm


Climate Fresco (Workshop led by Sophie Dartois, Climate Fresco artist and founder of Khamaï)

In order to act on climate change, we must first understand it and this is what the Climate Fresco proposes. It is an educational and collaborative workshop based on collective intelligence that invites participants to co-construct a mural summarizing the mechanisms of climate change as explained in the IPCC reports. https://youtu.be/HK4pRFnv2UY

Thursday June 16, 2022 from 7pm to 9pm 



Cycle of conferences

Fees vary depending on the conference.

Open to all parents of the school or not.


Conference on emotional and sexual education by Maëlle Challan Belval: Dare to talk about it!

To know how to talk about love and sexuality with your children.


When we thought about emotional and sexual education, yesterday we thought about puberty, contraception and AIDS. Today, emotional and sexual education includes topics such as: modesty, self-esteem, laws, love life. Emotional and sexual education is a necessity: children and young people have never been so exposed to sexual messages - advertisements, clips, pornographic films. Exposed without being really informed. Exposed without space to think about the body, love, relationships with others. Exposed without knowing how to identify abusive situations. Parents want quality emotional and sexual education for their children and want to discuss this topic with them, but their motivation is often held back: they are afraid of being awkward, they don't have the words, they don't feel like experts. However, children expect them to speak.


How can we turn this missed opportunity into an opportunity? The objective of this conference is to offer parents a broad understanding of the stakes of emotional and sexual education and to make them want to discuss this subject with their children.


Maëlle Challan Belval already spoke last year at Living School and she literally wowed the parents who attended. She is a marriage counselor and has 15 years of experience in emotional, relational and sexual education with parents, education professionals and youth. She is the author of the "Dare to Talk About It!"


Thursday, June 2, 2022 from 7-9pm.

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