Children who change the world

Since the school’s creation, the children have contributed to :

  • Saving 7 children from hunger for 1 year, with help from Action Against Hunger, from an initiative of a child named Elliott (who was 5 years old at the time);
  • Replanting 722 trees in Senegal and corresponding with the children of the village nearby the tree nursery, with help from Forest & Life / Kinomé;
  • Giving the gift of sight to a Bonobo and adopting 2 baby Bonobos, with help from Claudine André;
  • Helping a local homeless man of the neighborhood spend a few warm nights indoors, with help from Casa Del Tango and parents;
  • Giving joy to the residents of the nearby retirement home through singing and doing yoga together;
  • This year, the children have proposed dozens of innovative projects, selecting one through the democratic process of election that the school will support: this year, the cause is to save endangered animals from extinction.
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