Health – Links

Nos cantines pour la planète, a collective that Living School is a member of and whose mission is to effectively transform school meals and to lead a responsable, organic school lunch program that doesn’t generate excessive costs.

“Créer la Vitalité” : an ethical, innovate business specialized in the promtion of health and vitality. Véronique Chabernaud is a partner of Living School and the health advisor of our school.

“Food’Joie” : an ethical business that promotes food in service of life by offering counciling, coaching, and training. Elodie, a partner of Living School, leads Food’Joie workshops for the children at our school.

Inpes, National Insitute of Health Education and Prevention

Réseau Proteus, a health website that includes information on both conventional and alternative/complementary medecine.

Bien en vie, a website full of resources to promote positive change in our relationship with ourselves, eachother, the environment, society, etc.

Mouvement et apprentissage, a website where you will find energy and body movement techniques that will help you to rediscover the pleasure of learning and of living.

Health – Books

Santé, mensonge et propagande by Thierry Souccar and Isabelle Robard

Guérir et Anticancer by David Servan-Schreiber

Toxic by William Reymond

Nous sommes ce que nous mangeons, Jane Goodall

Manger bio, c’est pas du luxe, Lilian le Goff

Health – DVD

Nos enfants nous accuseront by Jean-Paul Jaud

Le monde selon Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin

Notre Poison quotidien by Marie-Monique Robin

Les moissons du futur by Marie-Monique Robin

We feed the world by Erwin Wagenhofer

Notre Pain Quotidien by Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Food Inc by Robert Kenner

Supersize me by Morgan Spurlock

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